How To Become A Video Game Designer

how do i become a video game designerWhat You’ll Need In Order To Become A Video Game Designer

As with any computer applications a very high math score is necessary in learning how to become a video game designer. Anyone who has a good grasp of Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus is a good candidate for any kind of programmer gig. Next it is important to begin taking courses while in high school that will lead them toward the computer industry. Physics and art are also good courses that will need to be excelled in. These do not grade a person on their intelligence but merely on their ability to understand computer concepts. This is important to obtain better career opportunities for you in the future.

Next is a college degree where more computer courses are necessary to reach the goal of video game designer. Graphic design, computer animation, game development and problem solving are areas that must be excelled in or the chances of landing a good job in this field will not be in the stars.

What Does It Take To Be A Video Game Designer?

It is stated by all that the personality specifications that are needed to be a computer game designer in any aspect of the job should have a high level of patience, innovative ideas, have or be able to develop high problem solving skills, be a perfectionist and be able to think outside the box. All of these things will take a programmer to the very top of the ladder.

Computer programming language understanding is a must. There are several levels of video game design that want good idealists. Game production, game mechanics, level design, game asset reviewers, development analysis and more are all places where a good student can start depending on his skill level. Opportunities are open in specific areas of each game design project as well. Fresh out of school graduates could begin in combat systems design, game play design, economics director or even multi player game design. All of these levels are accepting applicants to bring a higher level of thought to each new game that is created. Anyone who can master skills with computers can learn to design games.

With new technology there are gamers who require no freebies when it comes to their play time. It is essential to give customers what they want. This is the area where perfectionists can raise the bar. When players fit themselves into a character they want to have the ability to grow their abilities and do so with challenges. Some people actually take games back to the store when the game is too easy. Winning is nice but without a good challenge the game is not going to be up to a high enough standard. Thanks to the think tank game producers every viable idea can be initiated into the company gaming workshop. This allows new minds and new ideas to become part of the games that people love.

How Much Does A Video Game Designer Make?

As with most professions, you’ll have to get an entry level job to start with. The more experience you have and the better you become at designing video games, the more money you’ll make. Expect entry level jobs to start around $26,000 for someone right out of school with no experience. If you have some documented experience and show signs of being very talented, then you’re video game designer salary could be in the $30,000 per year to start range.

Video Game Designers with years of experience and a portfolio to match can bring in $75,000 per year or more.

Video Game Designer Schools

Several schools are equipped to take their students to the top of their class in the computer gaming industry. DeVry, ITT Technical Institute, Westwood College of Technology online and others are accepting new students all the time. Their graduates are given all the tools to excel in their preferred field. Many of them offer these classes online. During which time each student can begin to use the new skills they gain to build their own ideas while in school so that when they graduate they will have a product prototype to show their potential employer. In the end, it all works out very well.

How Long Do You Have To Go To School To Become A Game Designer

This is a question I get a lot and the truth is, it depends. First off, if you’re going to a technical school, then some courses only take a few months. Generally speaking, most courses for video game designers that I’ve seen take in the 1 to 2 year range. But if you go to college to study for a degree in Computer Science or other related field, then obviously it can take as long as four or more years to get your degree. So the next time someone ask you “How many years does a game designer need to stay in school”, we’ll just point them to this article!

Opportunities for Advancement as a Video Game Designer

Being a Video Game Designer can have other benefits as well. For example, if you get hired onto a large video game manufacturer, you’ll have all types of advancement opportunities. For those who as “How do I become a community manager for a video game company”, well, at least you know where to start now!

Another field many people may specialize in is becoming a Video Game Graphic Designer. This is a person who creates the graphics in the game, not just the code that makes the game run. Classes to take to become a video game graphic designer are the same ones one would take to become a graphic designer. The skills are basically the same.

You can also learn how to become a video game analyst. These people are the ones companies pay to evaluate their video games. Some companies actually use beta testers but others will use video game analyst to evaluate the game before it goes to the beta testers.

If you really love video games, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more rewarding career. Now that you know how to become a video game designer, what are you waiting for? The next move is yours!