How To Become A Veterinarian

how do i become a veterinarianThe practice of being a Veterinary is a noble and satisfying career. Many people think of their Pets as if they’re part of the family and will admire you for saving their Pet as if you had saved one of their Children. With more and more people getting Pets and raising livestock, this is one profession that is in demand and under served in many areas of the Country.

If you would like to become a veterinarian, there is a very good chance that this has been your dream for quite some time. If you’re still not sure if this is the career for you, then perhaps learning how to become a Veterinarian Assistant would be more to your liking. If you are smart enough and have the determination that you need, you can easily make this happen. However, most of us know that achieving that goal is going to be extremely hard. This article will help you understand how to get started on caring for animals and developing this career opportunity.

To begin with, it’s important for you to have a good education and a good work history if you want to become a Vet. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your future.

Things You’ll Need To Become A Veterinarian

1. You need to get started during your high school years. This way, you will get a head start on your future career.

2. You will need to study biology and chemistry. The more you understand this in High School, the easier it will be in College.  This will give you a good idea of how well you are going to do in college.

3. Veterinarian schools usually do not check on your grades that you had in high school. However, they definitely are going to look at your SATs as well as your GPA score. This is will make all the difference in getting into a quality undergraduate program or one that accepts every Tom, Dick and Harry.

4. This should go without saying, but every veterinary school is going to require that you have had four years of college before they will consider accepting you. Sometimes, three years is going to be enough education if you have finished your prerequisites. It’s also a wise idea to check with the school of your choice to see which requisites they recommend you taking. It’s all about making it easier on yourself!

5. Find out ahead of time everything you can about the school that you would like to go to. This way, you are going to understand exactly what is required of you in order to get accepted.

6. It is always important for you to study hard and get high marks. Straight A’s are never necessary, but they will help you in more ways that one!

7. A good work history is a wonderful benefit to getting into a good veterinary school. Many times, they will prefer that you have had some type of training with animals. This will let them know that you are serious about becoming a veterinarian and that you have the commitment that it takes to see it through. You can either work at these types of places during the summertime, or part-time as you work your way through college. Here are a few good examples of jobs that would look good on your resume.

More Things That Will Help Your Chances of Becoming A Veterinarian

Work for a veterinarian. It does not matter if they just have you cleaning the poop out of the stalls or washing windows. Either way, it is a good idea for you to be consistent with your long-term goals. For example, if you would like to work with some of the bigger animals, then a work history showing that you’ve worked with live stock, zoo animals or circus animals would look great on your resume.

Other work experiences that will look good on a resume are working at a zoo, a farm or ranch and a pet store. These are excellent examples of a way to gain experience. Of course, working side-by-side with a veterinarian is going to be the best way to gain experience.

Try to find work in a science or even possibly a medical field. Even if it is only cleaning up here and there. Over time, you will be able to gain experience as well as responsibility.

Always remember that it is very important to be committed to becoming a Veterinarian. By following the tips above, you’ll be showing any entrance exam boards that you’re serious about entering the profession.

Of course, there are going to be good things and bad things about having this type of career.

How Much Do Veterinarian’s Make?

The median income for a Veterinarian according to the U.S. Labor Dept. is right at $90,000. Now this isn’t entry level Vets, but it’s something to give you an idea of what to expect once you become established.

The pay is excellent in most areas. You will be able to live on a comfortable living. Of course, you’re not going to get rich when you are working in this field. But that’s not the reason you became a Veterinarian is it?  However, after you get your Student Loans paid off, you’ll be living a pretty good life.

It is important to remember that you’re not going to make the money that you’re thinking that you will make in this career if you locate into rural areas away from the major population centers. That’s just a given fact. The more people who have Pets and Livestock, the more people who will need your services. Move to Podunck U.S.A. where most people take care of their own animals and you could find yourself buddies with the Maytag Repair Man!

Advantages of Becoming a Veterinarian

Many veterinarians will tell you that this is definitely a satisfying field of work to be in. As a Vet, you and your assistants will receive a lot of joy for not only helping animals, but their Owners as well.

This type of career is extremely flexible. It is very easy to take care of your children when you need to and work when you can. This way, you are definitely going to be a more responsible parent.

The bad parts about veterinary school is the fact that it can seem a little difficult to make it happen. Not just anyone can become a veterinarian.

It is going to be very expensive for you to go to school to become a veterinarian. Of course, it all depends on which school you decide to go to. However, you will be required to attend a minimum of four years and in most cases, much more than that!

Things To Do To Prepare Yourself For Veterinarian School

Contact a local veterinary school or even one that is a few states away. Many times, you will have a better chance of getting accepted because of the fact that you live close. The reason for this is because many schools like to have students who are from the same area. Also ask if they have any volunteer slots open. Volunteering at the school you want to attend is also an excellent way to get your foot in the door.

The next thing that you want to do is understand what type of grades are going to be expected from you and what exams you’re going to have to take.

Try to see if you can find a summer job or even work after you get out of school in the same type of industry.

These are just a few tips on how to become a Veterinarian. If becoming a veterinarian or learning how to become a veterinarian assistant is the career opportunity you’ve been wanting, then go out there and get it. Work hard, be honest and do the best you can and the work will come to you!