How To Become A Graphic Designer

how do i become a graphic designerLearning how to become a graphic designer is exciting and fun, but there is much that one has to do to prepare for a career as one. When people think about having a career in graphic design, they often fail to realize how long the road is to being successful at this craft. Fortunately, with persistence and hard work and some career development, a person can make his or her dreams of becoming a graphic designer come true. The keys to becoming a successful graphic designer are: taking drawing courses while in high school, attending a college or university and majoring in fine arts or advertisement, completing internships, and doing freelance work.

Once one has decided that graphic design is the career for him or her, he or she should start early. People who are still in high school should be taking drawing classes to improve his or her skills. Drawing classes will also give an individual a glimpse of what it is like to be a graphic designer. Additionally, while still in high school, an individual should research this field and try to find out as much as he or she possibly can about it.

What are the Requirements To Become A Graphic Designer?

Upon completion of high school, an individual should apply to a college or university and major in either fine arts or advertisement. Although a degree is not required, education always helps a person learn more about his or her craft. Additionally, the field of graphic design is competitive and having a college degree will give an individual a step above the competition. A technical institute like the Art Institute of Houston is also another fine alternative to a 2 or 4 year college degree.

While in college, one should also take advantage of an internship that the school offers. Completing an internship gives a person experience in graphic design, which potential employers will see as a plus. It also helps him or her meet people that can be used as references later on. A person should also get his or her foot in the door by doing freelance work.  Doing freelance work not only gives a person experience, but it also helps put money in his or her pocket. This also helps build a person’s resume and credibility, two things that are pertinent in the world of graphic design.

Once a person has completed his or her education and have had some experience in graphic design, he or she will be able to get the job of his or her dreams. One thing that one must remember about this field is there is much competition and he or she may have some difficulty finding employment. The key to landing a gig is not giving up or taking no for an answer.

One thing that a person might want to take into consideration is self employment. Being self employed gives an individual the freedom to make money by starting his or her own business. However, it takes a lot of discipline and patience to be successful as a self employed graphic designer; individuals who are self employed have the propensity for a higher than average salary. Just another reason to learn how to become a graphic designer.

How Much Do Graphic Designers Make?

While no one should choose a career solely for the pay, which is one that makes people want to become a graphic designer. Even though the median pay for a graphic designer is only about $42,000, some individuals are making over $75,000. The lowest salary for a graphic designer is about $24,000 and most of those are individuals with little experience and little education.

As with most things in life, the self employed and those who have the most education and experience are the ones who make the most money. Anyone choosing to pursue a career as a graphic designer is making an excellent choice. There are the possibilities of having both a high salary and a satisfying, rewarding career. Those things are something that is priceless.