How do I become a Smog Technician in Reno, Nevada?

how do i become a smog technician


I’m looking to become a Smog Technician down here in Reno. I was told by someone who works as one, that all he did was take a two week, two hour a day course, to get a ‘G1 Nevada Certification’ and that’s all that is required for the job.

I cannot find any information on this ‘G1 Nevada Certification’, but all the job listings here in Reno for a Smog Technician require it. He told me he took the course at Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC), – But the only course I can find has all sorts of pre-reqs and is very advanced.

This friend worked as a Pizza Delivery boy, before taking this course and being hired as a Smog Technician, so I’m sure it wasn’t some advanced course with many requirements.

So, I’m rather lost trying to figure out where to get this certification. Help would be appreciated!


Sounds like you’re getting some bad information about becoming a smog technician.

What you should do is contact ther person in City Management in Reno Nevada who is in charge of hiring such technicians. Then ask them what the education and experience requirements are for the job. Ask them what education requirements are to obtain a G1 Nevada Certificate.

This is called going to the horses mouth and not relying on 2nd hand information. You’ll always find that some people talk a good game but know absolutely nothing about what you asked them.

I wish you the best. I’m betting that it will take more than a two week, two hour a day community college course to get a certificate and job with the City of Reno Nevada.